PATENTED baking tray that allows you to bake and refrigerate baked products such as panettone, doves and leavened products in general without any other support.

Equipped with a bottom with very large punctures that drop sugars and almonds and allow excellent ventilation both during cooking and cooling.

The supplied pins can be inserted in an adjustable way into the pan to skewer the cups, before or after the dough is inserted and before cooking.

The exclusive feet, also supplied, are removable and must be attached to the pan before using it, to allow the dessert to cool down safely once cooked. Simply turn the pan upside down!

The baking trays are stackable on top of each other. The upside-up cooling ensures the maintenance of an excellent honeycompart and the preservation of the internal moisture of the manufactured product.

The baking sheet is designed for use in most home ovens. One baking sheet for all types of leavened.


Ideal for baking:

2 panettoni da 1 kg - stampo 19 cm

2 panettoni da 1 kg - stampo 17 cm

3 panettoni da 750 gr - stampo 15,5 cm

2 panettoni da 750 gr - stampo 18,5 cm

4 panettoni da 500 gr - stampo 13,5 cm

1 colomba da 1 kg

2 colombe da 500 gr

* The ability to cook the quantities indicated well depends on the characteristics of the oven and the moulds used.